ISDN service is being switched off.

The ISDN service is coming to an end and is due to be switched off in 2025.

When the ISDN service was originally introduced in 1985 it offered Voice and Data on the same phone line. With the promise of clearer phone calls and data speeds of 64k. Advances in technology has given us Broadband with data speeds much faster than 64k or even 128k when two channels were used together.

In the early days of ISDN – when asked what does ISDN stand for, the answer often came back – “I Still Don’t kNow”. The correct meaning is “Inegrated” Services Digital Network. As the quality of normal lines improved and the 64k data speed was overtaken by Broadband, the only thing going for ISDN was Multiple numbers using multiple channels, with a separate number per extension (Sometimes called DDIs)

Today Internet Phones, at a fraction of the price of ISDN, gives High Definition speech quality and hundreds of features including Multiple Numbers with a separate number per extension (Sometimes called DDIs) and features way above that of ISDN.

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