Home Worker

Working from home is becoming more and more popular, both for the small home business, who want a second line for little cost, to the large organisations with many Home Worker (Perhaps Salespersons.)

A home worker can be setup on a temporary basis if need be.

Perhaps for someone to work from home in abnormal circumstances i.e. sickness -“I’ve broken my leg but I can still answer the phone.” Just take a phone home from the office and plug it into the Broadband router at their home.

A home worker can answer your incoming calls and make outgoing calls as if they were in your office. The outgoing number that is sent to the person being called for their display, can be set to your main office number.

All home worker phones are on the same phone system as your office, as if they were in the next room. So it’s very easy to transfer calls to and from the office.

Home Worker phones can be in any town or even in any country.

The phone just simply needs to be plugged into the Broadband router or computer cabling.

If you have any questions about Home Worker Phones, please call us on 0115 784 5900

Wherever you are in the UK, we’d love to talk to you about our new EASY INSTALL installation option.
This option has only been made possible because our Internet Phones just simply plug into your existing computer cabling or your Broadband router. We talk you through every step of the way and we set up your system the way you want it remotely.

It’s easy to use your existing computer cables. Simply remove the “Network” cable from your computer and plug it into the phones “Internet” socket. Then using the “IN/OUT” feature, plug the short cable supplier with the phone, into the “PC” socket on the phone and back to your computer.

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